Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Sun Hat Version 1

Here's the first finished sun hat made for Caitlyn.

I made it with the same bamboo/cotton yarn that I have been working a lot with lately. I find it very hard to knit with because of the way that it splits, and how slippery it is. But it is really soft, and lovely to feel.
Who knows if she will actually wear it :P ... but it was a fun, easy knit, and I've started another one, using Monster Knits BFL... which is turning out nicely, and is much, much easier and faster to knit with. It will probably only take me half as long.

I think I buggered up a few of the decreases in this hat, but you can't really tell, and it's not like it matters lol. I also added a band of the contrasting yarn to the middle of the body of the hat, because I was trying to use up that pink/grey/brown yarn, and I didn't have enough to make a whole hat out of it. I think it looks pretty cool.

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