Friday, 29 May 2009

FO: Sage Remedy Top

...aka: Purple People Eater.


The sicky bugs have been traveling around our house the past week or so, and I haven't had a chance to put this up on my blog yet. It took me just over a month to complete.

Pattern: Sage Remedy Top
Web Link: n/a
My Rav Link: here
Size: Medium
Yarn: Moda Vera Bamboo/Cotton
Needles: 4.5mm

This was my first finished adult sweater/garment. The finishing was very tedious, but I am glad that I persisted! I won't retype everything that I wrote in my rav notes, you can go there and read them yourself.



Saturday, 23 May 2009

They deserve to be on display!

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Some of my yarn stash. (the pretties lol)
I have about 5x this in other places- the boring commercial yarn, or odd balls, or no-name yarns that I seem to collect :P

I had this toy storage that wasn't being used, so I cleaned it out and made a lovely decoration for my bedroom wall :-)

Sunday, 17 May 2009

Music to my ears. erm, I mean eyes.

I just read a wonderful post on a blog @ St. Seraphina Knits

"I need 2,000 yds for the shawl I want to make. I am making this yarn one strand at a time on a tiny drop spindle....
But some of us like the process as much as the result. We don't count the hours other than to count them as hours well-spent making something beautiful with our hands.

...I have no idea how many hours it took! When I work with fiber I feel like I am outside of time.

Those of us who love to spin don't count the hours. We count the pleasure, and we count it as a very high pleasure indeed!

....We modern people spend far too much time counting the time. If you spin, don't spin in a hurry. If you're thinking about learning to spin, I'd encourage you to do so, and discover what it means to live a few hours each day outside of time."
So true, so true.
I <3 my spinning wheel. In the few short months I have been using it, I've really had many pleasurable, relaxing hours lost in the "outside of time".


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coffee on the beach... :-)


Here are two more things that I've been working on:



These are some handspun fingerless mitts that I have been working on. I spun and dyed the yarn myself, though the colourway was a bit of an accident. The pattern is based on the Monkey sock patter from Knitty. More details when they are done ;-)

My other main WIP is the Sage Remedy Top aka the Purple People Eater in a bamboo/cotton yarn. I love the colour, and love these 2 colours together even more.