Monday, 23 February 2009

Here's the top that Grandma just finished making for Caitlyn. It's very cute!




Pattern: Tropical Lily
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Thanks Tikki!

Thursday, 19 February 2009

Yes I'm a slack blogger...

I have actually been knitting in my absence though :-)


I have been working on this shawl for a few weeks, on and off. I think I am almost near the end, I only have one repeat of the chart left to do... but each row seems to take forever. I never thought I would enjoy purling 100s of stitches back but I like not having to count the purl row ;-)


Pattern: Revontuli -huivi/Northern Lights
Web Link: here
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Yarn: Kauni Effektgarn 8/2
Needles: 5mm

I found this pattern a bit hard to get my head around at first, probably because the author is from a non-english speaking background, I think. Not her fault anyway :-)
After a few repeats I didn’t really have to look at the chart anymore, so this shawl has happened rather quickly! It’s a lot of fun watching the colours play out, and I’m finding it pretty addictive.

I am seriously not happy with this yarn though. I just wound it into a ball to check for joins/knots and found one knot, and then another join where GREEN was joined with PURPLE.
Then I had to somehow work out where exactly I should cut and rejoin it.

After knitting with the 2 part balls that I have rewound, I have completed the purple section. I have noticed that the purple - instead of gradually fading to the next colour, (like the other colours have) - is plied with a light blue, creating a tweed effect that is completely different to the rest of the yarn. It appears that there is no dark blue at all, just purple that is plied to light blue, which then fades back to green.

I am pretty bummed at how the colour sequence had to turn out (no choice after removing all the knots and dodgy joins).
I’m sure I’ll be more happy with it after it’s done and blocked.

Monday, 2 February 2009