Thursday, 17 April 2008

Another WIP

This was supposed to be done a couple of weeks ago as a birthday present. Can't say I'm surprised that it wasn't!
Sorry Sal!
(she understands LOL)

It's the Diamond Lace Shrug from Patons. I am a bit scared because it's a one size fits most pattern and she's a fairly petite person, but I got just under gauge with the needles that I wanted to use, so hopefully it will be all good!
I must admit now that I haven't done it in zhivago, as suggested... but I have high hopes for this yarn, even if it is an acrylic! It's one of the nicest acrylics I've seen, and felt. It actually feels soft and smooth, not squeaky like most of them do *shudder*.

And this is what it will hopefully turn out like... I am fairly sure she won't see this post...

edited to add a Ravelry link