Sunday, 13 January 2008

Wisp aka 'looks like roadkill'

Last night I cast on Wisp, Ravelry link here.

I originally started with the suggested 5mm needles, but the yarn I am using is a bit thicker than the suggested, and after ratting up the pattern majorly on the first lace row, I frogged it and switched to 6mm needles.

I was using crappy steel lined plastic needles and I was having so much trouble, so I am using my KPs now and wish I had done in the first place.... they are so much easier to knit with. I would definitely recommend that you spend the money on them, they are worth every dollar!

I managed to stuff everything up a second time, so it seems like the third time might be lucky on this UFO. I have completed the first repeat and it looks passable. (note to self, close knitty page with perfect Wisp photos, as they don't inspire confidence in the mediocre version sitting infront of me.) The mohair does matt/felt/smoosh up a lot. I have a feeling this might resemble something flattened on the road by the time I'm finished with it, hence the name I gave this project.

This was inspired by my need to knit something lace-like. I have just queued up a bunch of different shawls, scarves and wraps.... I think I am developing a lace fetish. LOL.
Now I just need some really nice 2ply lace yarn and I will be set.

I settled for this Cleckheaton Studio Mohair that I found in the reduced pile at spotlight ($20 for 10 balls)... I seem to dig through those a lot lately. I have yarn withdrawals though. There is absolutely no where else to buy yarn in this town.... oh for a lovely LYS.....