Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Feb Lady Sweater update

I am back from the land of no internet access. I can't believe I wasn't online for over 2 weeks!

I have been making good progress with my FLS, and I am happy with how it is turning out, though I'm still not very impressed with the different shades of the yarn I'm using.

Of course its raining and dark and miserable today so I couldn't get any decent photos.

I'm also trying to decide which buttons I should use. I picked up 2 sets on the weekend, and while I like them both a lot, I'm not sure if they are really the right ones for this sweater.
That first set are a green shell style button, and almost match perfectly to the green in the yarn. So I like those because of the simplicity that they offer. They don't compete with the business of the lace. But are they too boring?

This set are really pretty metal buttons, and I love the design, but maybe they compete too much with the pattern in the sweater? They are so different and interesting that I had to buy them.

There's also the fact that the button holes ended up being a bit bigger than I wanted them to be, so I may need to buy bigger buttons... it should be alright though.

I am really enjoying knitting this. It has just enough in it to keep me interested without becoming frustratingly slow.... it will probably be summer by the time I've finished it though lol.