Thursday, 12 April 2007

here I am...

After being inspired by the lovely Bec and her blog, I've decided to create a public blog for all my crafty related things. I have a personal online journal, but most of it is private and I'd rather keep it that way... but at the same time I wanted to share things as well, so here I am. (nevermind that I kinda really hate the whole blogger thing (a LJ girl from way back, so maybe just biased) seems to be what most people are using in my circles at the moment.

My first post here is the rainbow shorties (longies) that I made for lachie recently. The wool is some that I had for probably over a year, and I could never bring myself to use it because I loved the colours so much and didn't want to waste it. I just hope you can't see my crappy knitting in these photos ;)