Friday, 18 April 2008

yum, bread!

I haven't done much baking lately. Last night since we were having leftover minestrone soup for dinner, I thought I'd make some garlic bread to go along with it.
I cheated and used the breadmaker to mix the dough.

I mashed up some garlic and butter and salt in the mortar and pestle, and cut the bread dough into three pieces. I rolled them out into 3 long sausage shapes and sliced them down the middle, spread the garlic mixture in the middle and then sealed them up again.
Then I plaited them together and presto!

Here it is after sprinkling some parmesan on the top and baking it. And it was yum!

Thursday, 17 April 2008

Another WIP

This was supposed to be done a couple of weeks ago as a birthday present. Can't say I'm surprised that it wasn't!
Sorry Sal!
(she understands LOL)

It's the Diamond Lace Shrug from Patons. I am a bit scared because it's a one size fits most pattern and she's a fairly petite person, but I got just under gauge with the needles that I wanted to use, so hopefully it will be all good!
I must admit now that I haven't done it in zhivago, as suggested... but I have high hopes for this yarn, even if it is an acrylic! It's one of the nicest acrylics I've seen, and felt. It actually feels soft and smooth, not squeaky like most of them do *shudder*.

And this is what it will hopefully turn out like... I am fairly sure she won't see this post...

edited to add a Ravelry link

Monday, 7 April 2008

so I'm not usually one for these types of photos...

...but I couldn't resist.
Today we made brownies... they are in the oven right now smelling delicious.
This is the recipe I used...perfect for those who are on a diet.
hahahahaa... not! I felt the need for a treat though.
I will update on how they go!

I would also like to share this lovely yarn that I got this week. Malabrigo!
I'm making a Koolhaas (sorry, that's a Rav link) for DH and I'm not sure about the pink.... I don't think it's me, so I will probably be making a hat for Judy out of it!
It came from Yarn and Kisses, a new Aussie distributor. Great service!