Thursday, 30 October 2008

Quick knit hat

Thought I needed something quick to have a break from some other WIPs.

I found this hat and it seemed the perfect thing to whip up!

: Pointy Rib Pixie Helmet Hat :
Pattern: here
Yarn: Cleckheaton Cocoon and Patons Caressa
Needles: 5.5mm

I am holding 2 strands of yarn together from these 2 balls, and it's ending up a bit bulkier than a worsted yarn, but I want it to be pretty warm for our trip to the snow!

Couldn't seem to get the colours right, my camera is being obstinate again :P

Monday, 27 October 2008

hmmm disturbing?

Does anyone else see something seriously wrong with this?
There were a bunch of these "homecare" catalogues in the mailbox today, and I thought I'd have a quick look... for some unknown reason. I would never buy anything... gah what a money trap.

Anyway, the first thing I noticed was this:
Santa's Trousers.
Imagine the delight on Christmas morning when your children wake up to find Santa's left his trousers behind and they are full of gifts! $7.90 (presents not included)

So I don't know about you, but if I was a child, I think I'd be rather horrified to know that some old man was running around my house without any pants on. And that's without even considering WHY he had taken his pants off in the first place? But maybe that's just me...

And as for the rest of the stuff in these catalogues, it just disgusts me, most of it. Do people really not have enough stuff to spend their money on without wasting it on junk like this? I can just hear Peter Walsh groaning.

Cause we all know we need a set of Tasty Watermelon Bowls or perhaps our very own set of Charming Cockerel Mugs.
But wait! The must have item of all time, the Easy lace-look shelf decoration!

Sunday, 26 October 2008

Caitlyn's crocodile

She cut it out with her new scissors and then taped it together herself :-)

One cotton jacket = ...?

I found this size 18 cotton/acrylic jacket at kmart yesterday for a whole $17.25.
It was soft and not too bad of a colour so I thought I'd give it a go at frogging it.
Result...600g of double stranded yarn. I think it must be about a 4ply weight, doubled.
The seams were a bit nasty to deal with, and I had to cut the ribbing off the sleeves, because it was just a huge mess to try and undo.
Now just don't ask me about the bajillion little pieces of fluff all over the house...

Thursday, 23 October 2008

Who wouldn't....

....visit the beach most days if you live 2 blocks away, and summer is almost upon us?

Lachie is so much more confident going near the water than Caitlyn was at that age... but she's quite adventurous now!

Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Recycled shirt.

Follow on from this post.

I tried out the tute on transforming a man's shirt into a dress, and it worked pretty well! The dress could probably do with an iron, and the batteries on my camera died, so not much in the way of decent photos... maybe of the next one.
The dress is also now in a wet sandy heap after a trip to the beach, where the warm waves were too tempting for Caitlyn to resist :P

Oh, and yes, I haven't trimmed the threads properly yet, or hemmed the bottom... call me lazy. lol.

Button obsession?...nooo, not here.

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

op shopping...

There's a new Lifeline here that opened recently that is in a huge big warehouse. I assumed this meant they had a lot of stuff, but it is just spread out more :P
We went there this afternoon in search of some interesting things like buttons, or knitting needles, or a lampshade, or some men's shirts to use for this idea. I have had the link in my favourites for ages, and never gotten around to looking for some shirts.

I did find some today, so I might give that a go tonight... bring on bed time!
I think the green one will be for practicing lol.

Friday, 17 October 2008

Part 3... Seaworld

I finally got a chance to go through the photos and have a few more to put up here... mostly from our trip to Seaworld. Tired is an understatement after that day...
But we all had fun. And we managed to not buy a thing at all except for an icecream each as we were leaving. No junk food for lunch, no crappy made in China souvenirs, no rip off merchandise! Gotta love that.

Lachie spent a lot of time in the ergo, and was being a bit of a cling-on. I think he was a bit put out by all the people, I'm pretty sure he's never seen that many people at once before, lol. But of course Caitlyn was in her element, and raced around doing as much as she possibly could. We spent the day with Jill (friend of Judy's, my Mum's sister, who we were staying with) and her granddaughters, Ella and Miranda. Caitlyn played with them last time we stayed at Judy's, when I was pregnant with Lachie, and they had a lot of fun.

The kids wanted to spend all day on the rides, and couldn't understand why we'd want to drag them away to look at other stuff... until they saw it of course :P
Lachie was absolutely enthralled by the Sesame Street show. I think he was the only one of the kids that watched the whole thing LOL.

And yes, that is a big bruise on his cheek, courtesy of a chair. He was chasing Caitlyn around a corner... she saw the chair, he didn't. For about 4 days he had a bruise from the corner of his eye all the way down his cheek. ouch.

The dolphin show was amazing. Lachie went to sleep on me though, so I don't think he was much impressed...

Then we went to see a 4D movie, and had to wear these glasses... horrible photo of Caitlyn LOL, but it's the only one I have. Jill brought a stroller along for the bags to sit in, and for the girls to have an occasional sit and rest in. So I put Lachie in there when he fell asleep, and he slept through the movie, complete with blasting air and sprays of water, and extremely loud sound effects.

Then continued to sleep as we made our way to the water park. The girls had been begging all day to go swimming, Caitlyn in particular... and it was about 4pm by then, so they jumped in, and Caitlyn was blue within about 10 minutes, but that didn't stop her lol.

Wednesday, 15 October 2008

The Accidental Girly Mitts

Accidental Girly Mitts

I designed these fingerless mitts during a small burst of knitting inspiration.... and decided to run with it.
I called them the Accidental Girly Mitts because I really didn’t intend on them being so much so. Fluffy yarn + lace + pink/purple = about as girly as you can get!

I've had a few requests for the pattern, so I'll throw a quick one up here. It may be a 'use at your own risk' pattern though, as of course, it hasn't been tested. The basic scallop pattern came from the Harmony Guide to Knitting Stitches, circa 1983. Great year, that was ;-)

Size: Women's medium (these are quite snug, if you have larger hands/wrists, I recommend using a very stretchy yarn or upping your needle size)
Yarn: DK/8ply yarn of your choice.
I used Patons Caressa 45% wool/45% acrylic/10% mohair. Yardage will vary, but I used approx 75g, a lot less than 2 50g balls anyway.
Needles: 4mm/US size 6 or larger if you want bigger mitts.

Abbreviations used:
sl1 - slip 1 stitch knitwise
psso - pass slipped stitch over
k2tog - knit two stitches together
rep - repeat
m1 - make one (increase)
yo - yarn over (increase)

When I was thinking about the stitches I wanted to use, I decided on something that could be knit in the round, or flat, as I wanted to be able to knit them in the round, but I was a little fed up with DPNs and magic loop so decided to knit them flat, at the
You could easily knit them in the round by knitting all the purl (even) rows, and then purling row 6 (the knit row), as the lace pattern only appears on the right side.

Cast on 54 stitches
rows 1 - 8: 1x1 rib
continue in scallop lace pattern.

Scallop lace pattern:

section 1:
row 1: k1, *sl1, k1, psso, k9, k2tog* rep to the last st, k1
row 2: purl
row 3: k1, *sl1, k1, psso, k7, k2tog* rep to the last st, k1
row 4: purl
row 5: k1, *sl1, k1, psso, yo (k1, yo) 5 times, k2tog* rep to last st, k1
row 6: knit

section 2:
row 7: as row 1
row 8: as row 2
row 9: as row 3
row 10: as row 4
row 11: k1, *sl1, k1, psso, m1 (k1, m1) 5 times, k2tog* rep to last st, k1
row 12: as row 6

You can repeat these 2 sections in any way that you like to create a pattern.
Mine are set up like this:
ribbing - 1 - 2 - 1 - 1 - 2 - 1 - 1 - 2 - 1 - 1 - 2 - 1 - ribbing

Before you finish with ribbing, complete only rows 1-3 of section 1 (or rows 7-9 if you are finishing with section 2), and then continue on with 1x1 ribbing. Then bind of loosely in rib.

I then seamed up the side, leaving about a 2cm gap for the thumb, just below the top ribbing section. Because of the way the pattern is formed, the seam just looks like another set of decreases running down the side, and isn't noticeable at all!