Thursday, 12 June 2008

huuuge dye session

I don't think I could stand the stress of doing this again anytime soon lol. But you have to love my huge (as Lucretia put it) "Pot of Doom"....

Lucky I'm tall enough to see into it LOL.

Anyway I decided that I would follow the trend setting crazy people converging on the February Lady Sweater

But I didn't think I had any yarn that was really suitable that I actually liked for the pattern. I think it needs a more smooth, plied yarn than a single ply smooshy yarn like malabrigo or similar single plied yarns that some people are using.... to bring out the stitch pattern. So I actually gave up and just sat back to watch the action. (2280 queued as of this minute!)

Then I remembered that I had a pack of Dashing yarn buried in one of my boxes that I was saving for something. Better now than never, right? It was a poo pale, yucko green. So I wacked it in the dye pot of doom, and set myself up for an afternoon of dyeing 600g of yarn.

I didn't foresee it taking all afternoon, but it took forever and a day for this pot to boil, even though it was only a third full. Here's another progress pic:

And finally the finished green....

It's still drying, so I haven't cast on yet...