Thursday, 26 June 2008

February Lady Sweater

You might remember my previous post about the dye session that I did one afternoon a few weeks ago.

The yarn was intended for the February Lady Sweater.
I swatched and cast on, and despite stuffing up the first raglan increase, I kept going. From then on it was all pretty cruisy until I came to change to the second ball of yarn. (we won't mention the ugliness of the button holes lol)

I continued on until I realised, with plenty of swear words and angry glares at the knitting, that the second ball was a very different shade of green.

For some reason some of the balls that I dyed didn't take the dye as well as the others. They're about 2 shades lighter and not as variegated in colour. I have no idea how I didn't notice this before. I did a few more rows and hoped that it wouldn't be too noticeable, but it really was :(
So I frogged it back to where I joined the new ball, but the ugliness of the button holes was really getting to me, so I thumbed my nose at it and ripppped it all out. Yes, it did kind of feel good ;)

So now I'm back to square one, with 4 lighter balls, and 8 darker balls. That'll teach me for not balling all of them up at the beginning, I guess.

I'm thinking that I will do the yoke in the darker colours (which are smoother and feel softer, I'm thinking that the lighter balls didn't have as much superwash coating on them, which is why they didn't dye as well and fluffed/slightly felted during the dye process)... and then alternate balls from the lace down.

Oh and I am considering doing YOs as the button holes and using smaller buttons, so putting maybe 5 in instead of 3... then I don't have to worry about my dodgy button hole technique.

What do you think?