Saturday, 15 December 2007


These are a couple of things that I made for a swap on one of the forums that I'm on.
I'm almost certain the person I'm making for won't read this so I can post some photos.

I was making for a 4 year old girl, and it was tough to think of anything at first.... but Carmen gave me some ideas! It was only supposed to be worth $10 I think, and I have no idea what these things would be worth, so I hope it was enough!

I decided to make a couple of bandannas and a knitted belt/scarf/headband/whatever you want to call it. (I had to guess how long to make it cause Caitlyn was at childcare and I didn't have any measurements handy. I hope I made it long enough for a belt, I was getting fed up with it in the end because it was taking longer than I had hoped to make, and Lachie was hanging off me... sorry swapper! lol)

I think the belt turned out pretty well. I made it from a bamboo/cotton yarn. It was soo splitty, but I guess you get that buying cheaper brands. I love the colours though, and it's so soft.

I have another few balls of it to make some dishcloths, and I've started knitting a bookmark out of the rest of this ball. Yay me!

(says she who is avoiding the bamboozled)