Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Bargain shopper lol

When I was at spotlight during the 20% off sale, spending my voucher... I came across this bag of baby yarn (4ply) ... 18 balls of it
I thought well, I could experiment a bit with it, and if all else fails, just knit baby items for friends etc with it.

so I turned this...

into this today....

I wasn't sure if it would take the dye, or if it had been treated with something (and it was a really cheap brand after all, AFAIK...), it did say handwash, so I was hopeful lol
but yay, I am so stoked by how it turned out.

and the best part?
18 balls for.... a whole $8!

now what can I make with 25g of dyed wool? lol


CaBaCuRl said...

LIs....I LOVE this is gorgeous!!! Aren't you a clever clogs!!

Jack said...

Lovely colours. :)

~Cinderella~ said...

I replied @ Woolaholics, but man, you did an awesome job Lis!