Saturday, 24 January 2009

Happy Birthday Lachie!

I can't believe he is 2 already! ... I really, can't... believe it.
I don't have a baby anymore :-(

Don't have much time, just a quick photo of the birthday cupcakes. It is so hot and humid here today, the icing is melting within minutes... I had to go put them in the fridge...

Lachie's birthday cupcakes

Thanks Lesley for your great recipe!

Lachie's birthday cupcakes

(no comments about my crappy icing techniques please LOL)


Bec said...

I think the icing looks great! They look yummy - hope your big boy enjoys his special day!

Anonymous said...

they look yummy!

Happy Birthday Lachie! hope you enjoyed your day

Lis Peery said...

my name is lis and I'm married to a man named lachie! weird! love your blog. xoLis