Tuesday, 9 December 2008


(11pm Sunday 7th Dec)

This computer really is horrible to use. Maybe I am just used to being about to have the ability to run more than ONE PROGRAM AT A TIME! I can't even type in this box without it getting a delay and having to catch up on what I have typed.
Consequently, I don't feel much like stuffing around withh it and uploading more photos. And donn't even get me started on how hard this tiny keyboard is. I won't remove typos from now on andyou will see what I mean, I'm sure. I don't even know how anyone cantype on these things.

So... we are supposed to get 8-12 inches of snow tomorrow night and tuesday!! That sure will beinteresting! They were also sayingsomething about blizzard conditions. Last year at this timethere had been a record snow fall, and we are already almost double that....going to be a long, cold winter, me thinks.

Lachie has a cold and stil is not much impressed with the cold weather. We went shoppuing yesterday and just walkingfrom the car park to the front door was bad enough. We decided to walk from one store to another across only a parkinglot and my god was that ever a bad idea! The wind was literally fierce enoughto take your breath away, and my hands, face, and ears were all numb and aching by the time we stepped and smushed and slipped our way through the snow.

I will post some photos tomorrow ...hopefullly from the other computer. goodnight!

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