Sunday, 12 October 2008

Our week away...part 1

We're back and we had fun!

Last weekend we went to Brisbane, and spent Sunday at Southbank. Caitlyn was begging to go swimming, but it was just too hot in the sun, and we were there right in the middle of the day.
To get a break from the sun we went to the Sciencentre. It was a bit of a shame that Lachie wasn't really old enough to enjoy most of it, and Caitlyn was really tired and not really into it all that much, but they both loved the touchy-feely exhibits.

Unfortunately my camera batteries died :P, so I didn't get any of Lachie with his face pressed up against this ... which was pretty funny lol.

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Shannon said...

Isn't that just the funnest place? My kids spent a whole day there once. I would have loved to see the pic of Lachie with his face against the static electricity thing lol.