Thursday, 18 September 2008

FO: Calorimetry

I made this because I wanted to use up the rest of the yarn that I used to make the last pair of wristwarmers. In hindsight I should have used smaller needles, because even though I had heard that they come out pretty big, it is huge!
I really hate photos of me, so I've made it smaller than normal LOL.

Pattern: Calorimetry from Knitty, Winter '06
Yarn: Panda Concorde
Mods: none.


Tanja said...

Ooh! That looks lovely.
If it's too long you can always put another button on the other side, facing the other way and use them both to fasten it. I do that and shorten it as it stretches between washes.

Tania said...

Very nice. Mine was huge and I used the recommended yarn! I purposely felted mine in the wash after Dyelicious Kel (I think) accidentally felted hers and said it was a better fit. It's perfect now.

Lis said...

thanks :)
I have a pretty big head LOL ... so it's not that it's really too long, it's just very wide and a bit sort of saggy (though I think my dodgy bind off is more to blame for that)

I don't think this yarn would felt.. hmm

Anonymous said...

I love the colour!! Looks great :)

ps just wanted to let you know that my blog address has changed to

cheers xo

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