Monday, 19 May 2008

A food-y post

First was this dinner I made the other night, I need to post it here so I don't forget, so I can make it again!
We're on a gluten free diet at the moment (the kids and I aren't officially, but mealtimes need to be)
I made meatballs out of lamb mince, a couple of tablespoons of rice flour, and some tomato sauce (plus some herbs and spices and salt and pepper). I then rolled them in rice flour... and it worked really well! I recommend it, even if you don't have to.... rice flour works much better as a binding agent than wheat flour. And they browned up really nicely in the pan.
Then I just added sliced up carrots, zucchini, onions and broccoli, and a jar of sweet and sour sauce (probably would have added a can of pineapple if we had one)
I could have made the sweet and sour sauce, but I was lazy :P
Served it with thick rice noodles, yum! (rinse them in hot water after cooking and they don't stick together)

Today we made some savoury muffins. These aren't gluten free, though I think it would work with GF flour, because they have so many other ingredients in them, they aren't exactly light and fluffy lol.
I used this recipe, but changed it a fair bit.
I used bacon instead of mortadella (yuck).. and I added spring onions instead of fresh chives.
We also substituted some of the tasty cheese for parmesan. And I used some of my Dad's port chutney (I think it was mango and port chutney?... can't remember)
They would have been nice with some olives, and even nicer if you left some of the cheese out and sprinkled it on top instead. But they taste good. Oh and also note to self, grease or omit papers next time:P (although it did keep the kids happy for 20mins picking the cheese off them *grin*)

Yes, he is wearing his sister's t-shirt over the top of his lol.

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