Thursday, 20 March 2008

New WIP (yes, I know, another one)

Last week, while we were traveling in the car, I started the Slippery Socks pattern. (Rav link here)

It is definitely the most time consuming of anything I have ever knit, so it's challenging me... which is good. I have spent about 6 hours on it so far, and at this rate it will be about 100 hours worth of work for a pair of socks!
I almost won't want to wear them after that....

It's really interesting seeing how the colours are coming out in each section of the sock, and I am liking the challenge, keeping my brain working is good! I'm just worried that it's going to fuzz up too much for being handled for so long... eek.


tracyb said...

I started these socks yesterday, I looked up people who were doing them on Ravelry and clicked on yours! They do take forever! Your yarn is pretty though, keep trucking!

Melinda said...

These are a lot like a pair of leg warmers that I started a week ago - from the latest Interweave Knits. Same kind of small winding mini cable. I must admit that I got so frustrated that I ripped it back and decided to abandon the project. Well done to you on perservering! The colours are lovely.