Thursday, 26 April 2007

feeling knitty

I've been meaning to try this for awhile... knitting 2 balls of 8 ply together to make a soaker or shorties or something. It's interesting the way the wools wind together, though I'm not really sure I like the two colours that way. It's kind of harsh the way they blob against each other.
But wow it's fast to knit! gotta love finishing something in half the time LOL.

I might try it with some white and varigated wool, or some complementary colours rather than contrasting may be more visually appealing:P

Now I have to decide if I want to keep knitting this or wait until I get colours I like more....but L does badly need longies for maybe I'll just see how fast I can knit some lol


Bec said...

Love it Lis! I actually really like the contrasting colours - can't wait to see the final :)

Mel : ) said...

ok, dont hate me but I am tagging you for the 8 things about me/Meme thingy -